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Desi Chapman, Editor

Desi Chapman, Editor

Desi Chapman, EditorDesi Chapman, Editor


Desi Chapman

As a lover of language and reading, editing provides me with a great deal of satisfaction. I edit all types of genre fiction, and I am especially fond of romance, fantasy and sci-fi, suspense and mystery (in particular, cozy mysteries!), and historical fiction. I prefer to work with authors in a friendly, casual, and supportive manner while maintaining professionalism. 

Respect and acceptance of diversity is integral to my life and work. I was born in a former British colony, grew up in New York City, traveled in the UK for archaeology projects, served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Central Asia, and lived in a variety of US states and regions, from the East Coast to the  South to the Southwest and the West. And my education and professional experiences are equally vibrant and eclectic. I have degrees in creative writing, anthropology, and education. And I have worked in a variety fields, including publishing, international nonprofit programs, and education.  

Editing fiction has allowed me to use all my research skills, life experiences, travels, and interests—sometimes in ways that are quite unexpected. I edit both British and American English. 

I believe our words should have a positive effect and not demean individuals or groups. Sensitivity reading to the best of my abilities and experiences is included in my substantive edits. 

Being a freelance editor lets me indulge my love of fiction, work with some awesome authors, and cherish the flexible time for my family. So I appreciate my authors and promise to give your projects the highest level of commitment. 

The editing process is a partnership, and I will work with you on the needs of your specific manuscript. 

If you think I might be the editor for your work, let’s discuss your story!