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Desi Chapman, Editor

Desi Chapman, Editor

Desi Chapman, EditorDesi Chapman, Editor

Scheduling and Cost



First, let’s discuss your manuscript and your goals to establish the level of editing you seek. I’ll send you a general contract so we are both in agreement on the basics before editing begins. We will then discuss scheduling, payment, and the editing start date for the specific manuscript. 

My timeline for an edit depends on the length of the work and extent of the edit. For novels, it will usually be one to two weeks from the project start date. For shorter works, it will be one week from the start date. 

Since I work on one project at a time, if two-phase editing is agreed upon, please allow at least one week between edits. 

Editing Costs

Editing is an involved process, but I try to maintain affordable rates because I believe good editing should not be beyond reach, especially for authors with multiple projects. I want authors to succeed and to benefit most from their creative works. 

The cost for editing in 2020 is as follows, with word count rounded up to the nearest ten thousand words: 

  • One-phase substantive editing is $0.0075 per word.  
  • Two-phase substantive editing is $0.01 per word. 
  • Separate developmental or copy editing is $0.005 per word, but please note that I only work on these types of edits in particular circumstances based on discussions with the author.

Full payment is required before editing begins. 

Please contact me to discuss the specifics of your project.